Learn What Spiritual Malady Is And The Role It Plays In Your Recovery

Bill Wilson had got this idea of abnormal, or allergic reaction to alcohol, from a physician, Dr Silkworth, who had treated him at Towns Hospital. “… unacknowledged thoughts and feelings become repressed and surface later through substitute emotions and dysfunctional behavior. Other emotions are substituted to hide the shame and maintain self esteem. Anger, exaggerated pride, anxiety and helplessness are substituted to keep from feeling the total blackness of being bad. The buried shame is expressed through defense mechanisms that shield negative unconscious material from surfacing. It was a list of the negative emotions which appear always when I felt anger and resentment against someone for hurting me and my feelings. Unless, we let Go and Let God and ask God to remove these negative emotions/sins/defects of character we end up in a futile increasingly distressed spiral of negative emotions. In Grace we can still experience negative emotions but God allows us to see them for what they are and not react. His Grace takes the distress out of thee negative emotions. For me we engage futilely and distressingly in resentment because we have an inability to process and control our emotions, they overwhelm us and we often react by people pleasing or react via various defense mechanisms .

But in our quest to fill this void with any and everything we can think of, we completely miss that the only thing that can actually fulfill us a spiritual connectedness to something greater than ourselves. Regardless of beliefs, a spirituality of open-mindedness provides the opportunity for a new experience of life. It allows a person an opportunity not only to escape addiction but to have a life they never thought possible. In the Big Book of A.A., the terms “spiritual experience,” “spiritual awakening,” or “psychic change” come up again and again. The AA Preamble Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. In hindsight, this seems like such a simple shift in perspective – perhaps even obvious – but accepting it at the time was momentous for me.

What is a spiritual malady?

This turned out to be a brilliant idea for two reasons. I have resentments because they are a true sign of emotion dysfunction. We are far from being Saints but have a solution Saints would approve and achieve a kind of transient sanctity in this 12 step solution of letting go and letting God. I also impressed upon him that mostly I can manage this emotional dysfunction but often I fail to and get into a resentful Sober Home anger. Attempting to live according to God’s Will also helps me not react but to act with Grace. The guy was probably in guilt too as he could been working on his recovery more. I explained to him that his pride had been hurt, he was in shame and his “apparent” depression every since was simply prolonged self pity. This seems compounded by not always being able to read our emotions or somatic states.

Be a warrior and slay desire, the powerful enemy of the soul. What Power is it that drives a man to act sinfully, even unwillingly, as if powerlessly. …….I am working the 12 step again with the Guidance of BBA.com Group. It is interesting that a common definition of “spiritual” aa spiritual malady as it relates to AA, is a sense of connection with others. Unhappiness to us and others, discontent, and, frequently, mental and bodily ill health are the direct results of Sin. Part of the problem may lie in not being specific enough about what alcoholism is.

Understanding What a Spiritual Malady Is

If they are entirely normal then surely that would mean they have no resentments, they are not self centered etc. I have sought refuge from my negative emotions in alcohol, drugs and other addictive behaviours. It is this that propelled my addictions, this inability to deal with my negative emotions. I dealt with them externally via addictive behaviours, not internally via emotion processing. This mesh of negative emotions can link up fairly instantaneously I find.

  • What Power is it that drives a man to act sinfully, even unwillingly, as if powerlessly.
  • Other people treat this sickness with food, sex, gambling etc.
  • I would have had empathy for where the newcomer “was at in his recovery” as I had been there once too.
  • Review suggested gender-neutral language options for changes to the AA Preamble.
  • Desiring stuff seems at the root of my fear based stuff – the exquisite torture of desire which soon loses it’s so-called relish and just becomes torturous.
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