How to Fix Missing DLL files in Windows 10

Maybe due to malware attack, there are multiple DLL files in the software setup that is preventing the setup from installation. You can also fix the error by downloading the vcruntime140.dll file in particular and moving it to the right folder on your Windows 10 computer. “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them”.

  • Finding these DLL files can be quite difficult and deleting them can be hazardous.
  • If you are a fix-it-yourself kind of person, then maybe the product is for you.
  • You can also try scanning for corrupt system files in Windows.

If you are using Windows version 7 and above, you can follow these methods to resolve the issue. Similarly, the DLL error can be fixed if the drivers aren’t updated. download smartkey_dll So it’s advisable to perform these steps before reaching out to an expert. Generally, we must keep updating the software and drivers so that kind-of-these-issues don’t occur.

11. Compiling Python on Windows¶

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Press and hold the Windows + X keys at the same time. Select the Command Prompt option from the Win + X menu that appears. When you reboot the computer in Safe Mode, it ensures that only the most essential apps and tasks are operating. This will ensure that just the bare minimum of RAM is utilized. Run a DISM Scan to repair faulty system files that SFC hasn’t fully repaired. After you’ve set the values, click OK, shut any other active windows, and restart your computer.

Method 1:- Using Dll File Fixer.

This TakeOwn utility can be used when you cannot delete any of the files and folders, even if you’ve full admin access on your Windows Machine. The random files getting locked and can’t be deleted a very common problem in Windows. Note that using the del command like this completely deletes the file. With this, there will be no way to get the file back as it won’t be available in the Recycle Bin.

Solution 2: Fix Windows 10 DLL File Missing Error via Windows Boot Genius

In case, TakeOwn.exe doesn’t work for you; I would suggest trying PSEXEC with system account/machine account privileges to delete a file or folder from Windows 10 machine. I’ve explained this process here “How to Run Application or Process from SYSTEM Context or Account“. This tool works well with PowerShell as well as command prompts. As part of the PowerShell learning process, I’ve removed command prompt shortcuts from Windows 10 laptops.

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